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A Note As Regards To My Evernote Macros And The New Evernote Client Version 10

Evernote has announced their new Evernote client for the mac.

The new client has no applescript capabilities at the moment and since I rely on this for my Macros, none of the Macros will work.

Use the legacy app

If you are using any of my Macros or have some pieces of applescript in use, you should instead use the legacy Version of the app which is basically the last Evernote version with a slightly different name, but otherwhise identical features - including the scripting interface.

Because the app name changed, all my Macros are slightly broken. Everywhere it says tell application "Evernote" it should now say tell application "Evernote Legacy".

EDIT: Alternatively we could use tell application id "com.evernote.Evernote" which seems to be working for Evernote 7.14 and the legacy App. I have not changed this yet.

Below are links to updated versions of my Macros that work with the new legacy Version of the old app.

Please let me know if there are any issues.

Evernote Tag Autocomplete Macro Version 2

(application/octet-stream, 9 KB) (application/octet-stream, 5 KB)

Evernote Note Autocomplete Macro

(application/octet-stream, 9 KB) (application/octet-stream, 8 KB)

Evernote Note Expansion Macro

No Legacy version since I don't use it and downloads have been low

Evernote Rename Title and update Links Macro (Beta)

(application/octet-stream, 11 KB)

Evernote Rename Title and update Links Macro (Beta)

EDIT (08.10.2020) - Please note: A Note As Regards To My Evernote Macros And The New Evernote Client Version 10

This Keyboard Maestro macro can be used to rename the title of a note and subsequently update all Links in other notes that used to use the old title to link to the note.

How it works

You'd use it like this:

  1. Pick a note to rename
  2. Press your hotkey for the macro
  3. In the prompt enter the new title of the note
  4. Note the notifications for the macro: There is one at the beginning of the update of the links and one in the end.
  5. Wait until the macro is finished. Done!

Please note: Make sure before you use this that you have all your notes synced. I have observed some weird behaviors where only some notes got updated otherwise.

Also please note that depending on the amount of the affected notes this might take some time (3 minutes and more in my tests on around 3500 notes). Normally much less notes should be affected,and therefore much less time is needed, but I thought I'd point this out. So make sure that the notes are synced properly - esspecially between subsequent runs.


Just download the file and drop it onto the Keyboard Maestro App Icon in the dock, or double click the file. Afterwards you want to add a hot key trigger (I use cmd + option + E) to it.

Evernote - Search and replace Title (application/octet-stream, 10 KB)

Evernote Note Expansion Macro

Another Macro to help working productively with a Zettelkasten in Evernote. This was inspired by a forum user on

This one copies the contents of a linked note into the note which holds the link under the line in which the note link appears. I had to work around some limitations of the Evernote Applescript Library, which doesn't allow to edit a note programmatically (you can only append text). Therefore this relies heavily on the UI-scripting capabilities of Keyboard Maestro.

If anyone has ideas on how to improve this script to be less fragile (since UI-scsirpting is a fragile thing…) I'd be happy to hear them! :)



  1. Download the macro (see below)
  2. Import the Macros to Keyboard Maestro
  3. Configure a hot key trigger for the macro (I have it set to 'ctrl'+'alt'+'shift'+'cmd'+'L')
  4. Move the cursor within a green note link, press the hot key
  5. The macro runs on my mac in about 1.5 seconds, be sure to let it do its thing before doing anything (using your keyboard, changing windows, etc.)

How it looks


Just download the file and drop it onto the Keyboard Maestro App Icon in the dock, or double click the file.

Evernote Note Expansion (application/octet-stream, 11 KB)

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