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Samstag, 28. März 2020

Evernote Note Autocomplete Macro

EDIT (08.10.2020) - Please note: A Note As Regards To My Evernote Macros And The New Evernote Client Version 10

Similar to my tag autocomplete macro, this macro shows a search prompt from which links to other notes can be easily inserted/created as inline links. The macro actually consists of 2 Macros:

  1. A note collector macro that retrieves and parses the notes from Evernote
  2. A note selector macro that provides the functionality described above



  1. Download the macros (see below)
  2. Import the Macros to Keyboard Maestro
  3. Configure a hot key trigger for the selector macro and (for example) a hotkey trigger for the collector macro (although other triggers would work, too) - I use 'ctrl' + 'alt' + 'cmd' + '+' and 'ctrl' + 'alt' + 'cmd' + 'shift' + '+', respectively
  4. Run the collector macro (be patient: the first time might take a while…)
  5. You're all set! Now just type your hot key trigger for the selector macro, search for a note, press return and the macro will do the rest.
  6. Run the collector macro periodically to ensure that the newest notes are included. Subsequent runs should be fast, since we only collect new notes since the last run

How it looks


Just download the file and drop it onto the Keyboard Maestro App Icon in the dock, or double click the file.

Evernote Note Autocomplete Macros (application/octet-stream, 14 KB)

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