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Sonntag, 1. März 2020

Evernote Tag Autocomplete Macro Version 2

EDIT (08.10.2020) - Please note: A Note As Regards To My Evernote Macros And The New Evernote Client Version 10

(This is a follow up post to Keyboard Maestro Tag Autocomplete Makro für Evernote unter macOS.)

This macro enhances the tagging functionality of Evernote's native macOS client by providing a way to search for tags in an "unanchored" way, that is, if I have a tag "gotomuseum", I can find this tag when searching for "museum", whereas the native tag autocomplete would only find the tag, if I typed at least "gotom". This is helpful, when having lots of tags in a deeply nested tag hierarchy.

How it works

This macro actually consists of two macros:

  1. A collector macro, that reads and parses Evernote's tags
  2. A selector macro, that displays a search box and pastes the selected tag

The collector macro could be bound to a hot key trigger or could be run in a time controlled manner (e. g. every hour). I have bound it to a hot key, so it's easy to invoke when I rcently added a tag, but it's not yet showing up in the selector.

So what you would do to use this:

  1. You just create tags as usual
  2. You invoke the collector macro
  3. When tagging a note you invoke the selector macro, search for the tag you want and the tag is inserted where your cursor is


Just download the file and drop it onto the Keyboard Maestro App Icon in the dock, or double click the file.

Evernote Autocomplete Macros - v2 (application/octet-stream, 12 KB)

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