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Sonntag, 12. April 2020

Evernote Note Expansion Macro

Another Macro to help working productively with a Zettelkasten in Evernote. This was inspired by a forum user on

This one copies the contents of a linked note into the note which holds the link under the line in which the note link appears. I had to work around some limitations of the Evernote Applescript Library, which doesn't allow to edit a note programmatically (you can only append text). Therefore this relies heavily on the UI-scripting capabilities of Keyboard Maestro.

If anyone has ideas on how to improve this script to be less fragile (since UI-scsirpting is a fragile thing…) I'd be happy to hear them! :)



  1. Download the macro (see below)
  2. Import the Macros to Keyboard Maestro
  3. Configure a hot key trigger for the macro (I have it set to 'ctrl'+'alt'+'shift'+'cmd'+'L')
  4. Move the cursor within a green note link, press the hot key
  5. The macro runs on my mac in about 1.5 seconds, be sure to let it do its thing before doing anything (using your keyboard, changing windows, etc.)

How it looks


Just download the file and drop it onto the Keyboard Maestro App Icon in the dock, or double click the file.

Evernote Note Expansion (application/octet-stream, 11 KB)

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